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Jan. 1st, 2020

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Mar. 3rd, 2013

Carter: Locations

Here’s where you can have locations added for businesses or character homes. Comment here or email the mods to have your locations added to the maps.

Please be aware that some of these locations may now be defunct or under new management! If you have any questions or want something changed or removed, let a mod know!

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Mar. 2nd, 2013

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Convergence: Application

Please send all applications to Questions or concerns? Feel free to ask the mods, we like answering questions and trying to make the game better :) Once accepted, please post this in your game journal. Remember, all characters use the same journal name!

Also, you can check out the wanted in game character page for more ideas.

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Mar. 1st, 2013

Information: Fae Bestiary

Since the rending of the worlds, more than just magic has been coming through. There are new animals, or more appropriately animals out of legend, who have been slipping through the boundaries and appearing to cause trouble, to help, or just to find something to eat.

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Special Races: Intelligent Creatures

Not all things that come from the fae realm are human-shaped and immortal, or simple animals with magical properties. Many, actually, are somewhere in between: animal-like in form, but at or even beyond human intelligence and awareness. These are still very rare in the mortal world, but as time moves on, there numbers will grow once more. They will never be populous, as they never were even in the fae realm or in the time before the two worlds closed themselves off, but it will no longer be the sight of a lifetime to see one.

Mod Note: In the future, these have a strong chance of becoming playable races. For the moment, they are NPCs only.

The Races )

Special Races: Fae

On the other side of the rifts above Carter’s cliffs, over the Sahara desert, and deep in China’s green farmlands are the fae. Held apart for millennia, at least in part since the early ages of the common era and nearly in their entirety for the past five hundred years since the Renaissance, not much is know about them anymore. Anything left has survived for centuries, rewritten and carefully hoarded, or else came directly from the rare fae black sheep’s mouth when he or she dared the mortal realm for a time.

Now, with the realm open but not quite disgorging their contents, speculation is rampant, but facts are few on the ground.

Mob Note: In the future, these have a strong chance of becoming playable races. For the moment, this is for background information only.

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Since the Rift )

Special Races: Spirit Guides

Throughout history legend has called them animal companions, familiars, friendly spirits, or even totem animals, but the most common name to modern magic-users is spirit guides or animal guides. Like angels and demons, spirit guides are reincarnated souls, left with some unfinished impetus in their lives when they died, whether it be learning a lesson, helping a troubled soul, or simply sharing experience. They appear as animals who speak through images and emotions only and take a single person to be their charge and master.

In some schools and religions it is thought that everyone has a spirit guide of some sort, but simply doesn’t know it. Other beliefs stay that only those with magic in their blood have such guardians, invisible and silent but watching and nudging all the same. The only thing that is known for sure is that anyone who works magic or is connected to magic may unexpectedly find themselves with a spirit guide, or may summon one for a purpose. The only species which may not have or summon a spirit guide are humans with no magical abilities, angels, demons, and vampires. A werecreature cannot summon or be given one, but if they had one before they were bitten it will not abandon them– it will just start to manifest less and less as the beast takes over.

Mod Note: While these are technically playable characters, it’s recommended that spirit guides be NPCs played by the owner of the PC they’re attached to.

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Special Races: Ghosts

Ghosts are those spirits of dead humans who have not moved on to the afterlife or become angels, demons, or spirit guides, and therefore linger in the spirit realm or, when they can manage it, manifest in the physical realm. It’s generally passion that traps spirits in-between in this way, and the dead who are motivated by great goodness or evil tend to become angels or demons, so most ghosts are after something personal. Some remain to protect something, to wait for someone or something they can’t give up, but more commonly, their intentions are less benign. Dying at peace is regrettably rare and negative feelings are often more powerful than their gentle counterparts. A large number of ghosts are driven by what’s generally called “unfinished business,” most commonly discovering their own murderer or ensuring the proper treatment of their mortal remains.

Mod Note: These are technically a playable race, but given obvious restrictions on their play, it is generally suggested that they stay NPCs!

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Feb. 24th, 2013

Character Class: Werecreatures

While shifters are as far from the legends of mindless, hunting werewolves as you can get, there are, unfortunately, some out there who are just so cursed. Unlike shifters, they can’t change forms into any animal along a set range, they can’t change at will, and they aren’t born– they’re made. There are only a few lines, but those lines are long, and it’s sadly easy to join them.

The first werecreatures were unmagicked humans, cursed by extremely old and powerful demons. The curse took away their minds slowly, turning them into mindless killers who terrorized humanity, and it is strong enough to spread through fluid-to-fluid contact while the individual is in the cursed form. The first line, in Europe, was joined with the wolf, as that struck the most fear into the hearts of European humans. Since then, four more lines have been created by demons attempting to out-do each other: lions, originating in Africa; tigers, originating in Asia; cobras, originating in India; and bears, originating in North America.

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Character Class FAQ
Werecreature FAQ

Character Class: Vampires

The myth of vampires exists in so many cultures, in so many different forms, that is hardly surprising that there really are such creatures. Their origins are ancient and murky, some claiming they are children of devils, some claiming they are a spell gone wrong, others a curse from the gods. The only real certainty is that they do exist, largely living in hiding, all over the world. Some try to live opulently, usually those from particularly old families who can help each other out, but many just barely scrape by or go feral, particularly in the modern world when they are unable to renew identification after they were proclaimed dead by friends and family.

There are four basic types, some more common in different parts of the world: nightwalkers are largely European, daywalkers appear to have originated in Asia, skinwalkers in the Americas somewhere, and deathwalkers in Africa. The lines have spread all over the world, but as far as supernatural historians can tell– and yes, there are supernatural historians out there– that is where they originated and where the ruling seat of each type resides. All four types can be killed by fire, beheading, starvation– provided one can contain the hungry vampire long enough to get to that point– or a stake through the heart, though the stake must be left there. If a vampire has enough blood and energy in them and the stake is removed, they can regenerate and come back from their “death”.

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Character Class FAQ
Vampire FAQ

Character Class: Sorcerers

Throughout history practitioners of magic have been known as witches, wizards, priests, witch-doctors, shamans, god-blessed, and demon-worshipers– and that’s just in English. The current name in vogue amongst active practitioners is sorcerer or sorceress, and some actually blame the current nomenclature on trying to get away from the Harry Potter mania. Some still call themselves and others by other names, but sorcerer is the most common. Thankfully, most of the persecution has stopped, but it still can be difficult openly being a sorcerer, so most keep their abilities secret, like other supernaturals.

Anyone can try to be a sorcerer with enough belief, study, and effort, but a mere human trying to mix herbs and follow the steps to spells has, at best, a fifty percent chance of success, and that only after years of study and extra-careful preparation. Most people don’t move beyond a one in four chance of success their whole lives. If a human has magic of any kind in their history, however, fifty percent becomes the average rather than the cap, with seventy-five percent at the height of their power late in life. Most accomplished sorcerers are human with shifter, psychic, elemental, or magi in their blood, too far back for the actual gene to manifest but enough to give them a connection to the magic of the world. The second-largest group among sorcerers are the direct children and grandchildren of magi, who have magic strongly in their blood and a seventy to ninety-five chance of magical success, depending on their dedication and experience.

Many supernaturals can practice magic, with a slightly lower rate of success than the magi-born– sixty percent unpracticed, and eighty percent after years of study– but most find the mix in powers uncomfortable and prefer to focus on their own abilities. Those who are exceptions are werecreatures, angels, demons, and vampires. Werecreatures are at a step removed from the magic of the world by nature of their curse, and angels, demons, and vampires are all technically dead. Angels’ and demons’ connection to the magical world is tuned to only angelic and demonic abilities with their rebirth, and a vampire’s connection to magic entirely taken up with giving it a semblance of life.

Mod Note: We will not make people actually roll for their results unless they want to, but if you play a character succeeding at magic more often than we think is reasonable given their class and tier, we will ask for an explanation.

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Since the Rift )

Character Class FAQ
Sorcerer FAQ

Character Class: Shapeshifters

The ability to wear a shape other than one’s own has long been a fascination of humanity, and nearly every culture has a shapeshifter myth or deities or creatures who don different shapes. These tales do have a grain of truth to them, in the form of actual shapeshifters who are often nothing like the legends say. They are not human, but they are not animal, either. They are their own species, a merging of both and capable of mingling with either, connected to and by the magic of the world.

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Character Class FAQ
Shapeshifter FAQ

Character Class: Psychics

Psychics are fairly popular in the media, usually to be laughed at rather than taken seriously, and are fairly commonplace in society, asked questions about a client’s love life or career success for small change. While the bulk of these conventional psychics are frauds, the real thing does exist, and they aren’t all palm-readers. It is a gift that varies, and that some would call a curse, but that can be used for good or for ill.

Unlike most of the supernatural abilities that actually exist, psychic ability isn’t hereditary. There is no bloodline that is more or less likely to have a psychic in it, they have no history of it in their families, and they have no real reason, that anyone else can imagine, as to why they have these gifts. The religious call them gifts from the gods or demon-possession, and the secular call it a lucky break or a crazy quirk, but the fact remains that psychics are otherwise entirely human.

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Character Class FAQ
Psychic FAQ

Character Class: Magi

Many cultures have myths of changeling children, brought to a family by the fae or the spirits or the gods, and traded out with one their own in infancy, whether for that family’s good or ill. This is actually one of the truer legends, for the world’s oldest and most magical race, the fae, banished from the world entirely because they could not take the population growth and pollution, do still keep watch on things and like to influence things when they can. The most direct way they can keep their hand in things are through changeling children, the magi.

A fae child is taken from the fae realm and a human child is taken from the human realm, and after a complicated set of spells to imprint the human baby’s personality, appearance, and general “humanity” on the changeling child, the switch is made. Some of these changeling children are little angels, replacements for a family’s own baby when it sickened and grew near death. These children are gifts to the family, alike to their own child in every way but for health and power and sweetness of temperament, and the human child is let to die naturally in the fae realm, amidst comforts. The other changeling children are little terrors, unable to relate to their new family despite being unaware that they are actually not of that family, or often even to anyone else in the world that is not actually theirs, a curse on the family. The human child in these cases is sacrificed to give power to the changeling child.

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Since the Rift )

Character Class FAQ
Magi FAQ

Character Class: Elementals

Belonging to a long line of individuals connected deeply with nature, elementals were, at one time, their own species. Legend speak of immortals with control over the elements and the earth itself, whose bodies seemed a part of nature and could merge with the very wind, earth, and ocean. If there are any true elementals left today, however, they have long since gone into hiding in their elements to escape hunters, persecution, and pollution.

There are humans, however, that still bear that spark of elemental power and connection to nature that their ancestors, the true elementals, had. They come in six varieties: earth, air, fire, water, metal, and electricity, each with a general affinity to the element of their ancestors and the ability to grow in that power with time and practice.

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Character Class FAQ
Elemental FAQ

Character Class: Demons

Even more widespread than the idea of witchcraft is the idea of demons. Western and Eastern cultures have their demons, so-called civilized and third world countries tell their own tales of demons that haunt and trick and destroy. True demons, like angels, aren’t associated with any religion, and they are forces for pure evil and chaos in the world no matter what culture they hail from.

Demons are human beings who died before their due time, whether by illness or accident or murder in cold blood, who are chosen to be reborn as a force for darkness, deceit, and general evil in the world. They do not remember their previous lives, but they remain the same person they were, shrouded with a kind of aura that keeps anyone who might have known them from recognizing them– and always reborn far from home. Their wrongs varied from petty evils like bullying and extreme selfishness, to much larger wrongs like rape and murder, and nothing can ever make them “see the light” and change their ways.

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Character Class FAQ
Demon FAQ

Character Class: Constructs

Magic is not always a good thing for humanity. Sometimes it twists and warps, rather than helps and heals; sometimes it gets out of control, and sometimes it is used for ill. Accidents happen, and sometimes those accidents result in magic constructs. These creatures have been called any number of things in mythology, but they are all the same basic “class” of supernatural to those who actually study such things, and they all share the same source and structure of their powers and appearances.

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Character Class FAQ

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